Make your own yogurt in the EasiYo!

I purchased an EasiYo for about $17 dollars (although watch out for them on sale) and quickly made my money back making my yogurt from scratch. I have found the EasiYo a really easy option for fermenting my milk (although you can use other methods). I don’t make my yogurt in the plastic container provided but bought a couple of mason jars from the $2 shop which work well.

Here is my EasiYo version:

  1. Put a liter of fresh milk in a saucepan. I put my saucepan in a bigger saucepan of boiling water creating a double boiler, although you can put it straight on the stove (I found using a double boiler creates less clean up)
  2. IMG_2957[1]Heat your milk to 82 degrees (use a thermometer) stirring occasionally
  3. Once it has reached this temperature, I take the milk off the stove and put the saucepan into a sink of cold water to cool the milk down. Cool the milk down to about 30 degrees.  (Conventionally when making yogurt the milk is cooled to 42 degrees and the temperature is then kept at that point to ferment the milk, however I have found that when using the EasiYo the environment very hot)
  4. IMG_2960[1]Keeping everything clean, put a table spoon full of  natural yogurt with live cultures (to start with I have used Jalna Greek yogurt) (or after I have a batch, I just keep using yogurt from my previous batch, as long as it is not older then 5 days) in a jar and stir in the cooled milk through a small sieve until combined.
  5. Seal the lid and place in the EasiYo as per EasiYo instruction. Leave overnight and refrigerate in the morning.IMG_2962[1]

A note your yogurt: Your yogurt will not be as thick as commercial yogurt because you are not using milk solids to thicken it (but it will be as tasty!). Also your yogurt may separate from the whey. That is OK, just stir it in!


Now you can make labneh!