Saving Money by Saving Energy

Saving Energy Tips from AlieĀ 


-During winter don’t automatically go to turn the heater on. Think about what you are wearing. If a layer or two would help stay warm than choose this option.

-In my house I have throw rugs on most chairs so when sitting and relaxing there is an option for more warmth within reach, which a) saves getting up and turning the heater on and b) reduces the need for the heater to be on.

-On the really cold days, I do resort to the heater being on, but just to take the chill off the air. Once a good temperature has been reached, the heater is turned off.

-A good and productive way to keep warm is doing the dishes. The hot water will warm you up super quick and you get a very useful job done.

-An awesome cozy way to stay warm also is using a hot water bottle. Its so nice to hug and you can take it with you to all different rooms, even in the car!!

-Remember to turn off the lights you are not using too. If you are not in the room, then the light doesn’t need to be on. If you are only needing a small space lit, think about buying a lamp with an energy light globe.


About Alie
I am in my mid twenties and rent with some friends. I have studied my Masters in Architecture specializing in sustainability. For me I am trained to think how to save energy. Although it is hard to achieve this when you don’t own the house and cant make changes to the building itself or facilities used, I try my best to implement what i can.
Although i am not a super greeny, i am taking small steps to reduce my foot print.
I have two house bunnies who help reduce my food waste and help put poo onto the garden to make the soil richer.