Zucchini Pancakes



I enjoy finding easy, quick and vege filled snacks for my little one. These zucchini pancakes are quick to make from pantry and garden ingredients. They are plain on their own, so would go well with a bit of butter, labneh or hummus. Here is my latest creation:

-1 cup of wholemeal flour (or spelt flour)

-1 teaspoon of baking powder

-3/4 of a cup of milk

-1 egg

-1/8 cup of chopped chives

-1/2 cup of grated cheese

-1 spring onion chopped

-1 cup of grated zucchini


-combine all ingredients in a bowl

-spoon mixture into a hot pan using a bit of butter to grease the pan. (a teaspoon of mixture is a good portion size for little ones)

-Cook until bubbles appear then flip over

-serve with butter, labneh or hummus for a healthy snack for you little ones.