Kefir Banana Ice-poles

In my kefir adventures continued, I am on a quest to use my milk kefir in delicious ways. So…I made ice-poles!


The other great thing about these ice-poles, apart from being good for you and simple to make is that they are dirt cheap. They probably cost around 10 cents per stick. Much cheaper, and healthier then anything you can buy.  I bought the bananas very ripe so they were very cheap and kefir costs as much as milk (and is very easy in a hands off kind of way to make)

My ingredients were:

-3 bananas

-a teaspoon of cinnamon (or to taste)

-Milk Kefir (I do not use exact amounts but keep blending it until the liquid is a good consistency to pour into molds and to taste)

Blend this all up and pour into ice-pole molds. Freeze!


*This amount made nice ice-poles, which works out to about 1/3 of a banana per serve (making it a good serving for kids). I used ice-pole molds from Ikea (bpa free) but managed to pick them up at a baby market!


*I am pretty confident you could replace the bananas with lots of different types of fruit like berries or mango.


And the result? Yummy!