Polenta Chips

One thing I try and do is vary my wholegrains. Whilst we still eat wheat, we do not eat it everyday but enjoy a variety. There are so many delicious wholegrains that complement many meals. We enjoy quinoa, buckwheat, oats, millet, spelt, polenta, and barley. I recommend you buying some and trying them if you do not already. It’s a cheap way to add goodness to your meal!

Tonight, however I cooked polenta to go with a vegetable Dahl I made.  Whenever I cook polenta (click here for a good tutorial), I always cook extra so I can make polenta chips to either enjoy in a meal later in the week or as snacks for my son.


And the best thing is: it’s easy!

Polenta Chips

-Pour out cooked left over polenta into a baking paper lined square or rectangle tin, big enough to spread polenta over whole tin

-Cover, chill and let solidify


-When solid, chop up polenta into chip like shapes, coat in desired oil and roast in 180 degree oven until crispy and golden.