Wholefood at Costco

I wanted to check out Costco, but I was nervous there would not be much I wanted to buy. So I found a lovely family member with a membership to take me so I could explore.  I went on a mission to find wholefood at a good price. I was a little hopeful I would find items, as a little web search revealed to me that in the US Costco have things like bulk organic berries, frozen cauliflower and pantry items.   I could not however find similar information about Australia.

I wanted (and I know I was being optimistic):

  • Organic if possible
  • Wholefood (food with one-two ingredients and as close to nature)
  • Bulk produce that has less packaging (ie, not buying individually packaged things in bulk)
  • As local as possible

Here is some items I found at my local store that were of interest:

Coconut Oil (Aus Certified Organic)

IMG_3953 IMG_3955

Coconut Flour (Aus Certified Organic)

IMG_3956 IMG_3957

Flaxseed (Aus Certified Organic)


Bicarb Soda (for cleaning)

IMG_3961 (1)


Sadly I was a little disappointed as I did not find enough items I would buy to make a membership worth it. I did however walk out with 6.2kg of Bicarb soda and a giant bottle of vinegar!

(The upside of the bicarb was that it was in bulk and saves on packaging, however the downside is its from the US and not local)


Luckily for me, when I get through my 6.2kg of bicarb my lovely family member has offered to get me some more!