Easter Traditions



I thought I would share our Easter Tradition that we are starting this year. It’s called Resurrection Eggs and so far, my 1 1/2 year old has loved it. It is like an advent activity for Easter where we read a section of the Easter story each day and open up a plastic colored egg with a symbol in it about the story. Its great for little ones because its interactive and the stories are good for short attentions spans.  My son loves opening the eggs! We have all the symbols displayed on a platter on our kitchen table.

We bought our set of Resurrection Eggs which also comes with the story and some words about the story but you could easily make it too if you were the creative type. Here is the list of symbols and readings in our set:

  • Day One: A Donkey                     Matthew 21: 1b-3, 6-8
  • Day Two: Silver Coins                  Matthew 26: 14-16
  • Day Three: Cup                            Matthew 26: 27-28
  • Day Four: Praying Hands             Mark 14: 32-34
  • Day Five: Leather Whip                John 19:1
  • Day Six: Crown of Thorns            Matthew 27: 27-29
  • Day Seven:  Nails in the Cross     John 19: 16b-18
  • Day Eight: Dice                            John 19: 23-24
  • Day Nine: Spear                           John 19:32-34
  • Day Ten: Linen Cloth                  Matthew 24: 57-60
  • Day Eleven: Stone                        Matthew 28:2-4
  • Day Twelve: Empty!                    Matthew 28: 5-6


This is something we will do each year to help us remember the real meaning of Easter and hopefully make Easter lots of fun too!

I would love to hear your special Easter traditions too!