My Organic Challenge Update

A little while ago, I posted that I wanted to increase my organic fresh produce whilst keeping within my $70 budget ( For my $70 per week I already buy some pantry items organically from a co-op and various supermarkets and all my meat free range and grass fed). My strategy was to shop for fresh produce organically that was on the dirty dozen list whilst still buying other produce conventionally.


Well here is the update: I have been able to manage it! How you ask? Well there are some trade offs.

  1. We eat as much as possible from our vege patch. At the moment, we get our greens from the Silverbeet, Rocket and Spinach that is growing. We also have beetroots ready too. So I don’t buy any leafy greens
  2. We have been eating a bit less of the veges from the dirty dozen, especially potatoes, zucchinis and apples. We still eat them, we just stretch it out a bit
  3. I have been shopping a little at the organic section of the local fruit and vege market, buying small quantities
  4. I have found that the best organic bargains so far have been reduced stock at the supermarkets (although its discounted down for quick sale regularly, I find the produce still lasts a while).  I am able to stock up on things like zucchinis and capsicums (and do a big cook up for snacks for my little one with it) But sadly this comes with pay offs, as most of the produce there is heavily packaged (YUK!). 


My next step is to check out some farmers markets and I am hoping I will find some great produce there. I would have loved to have done this sooner but have not been available when they are on.