Our Easter

This Easter, we began to create our own family traditions. To be honest, we wanted this season to be rich with significance and buying commercialized branded eggs and bunnies that are sugar laden did not really cut it for us (We know that you can draw some christian symbolism from eggs and rabbits but the way Easter is typically done did not seem deep enough for us. Plus we try and eat in a way that nourishes us, even for treats!).  So we gave no chocolate as presents, we had no Easter egg hunt and exchanged this for homemade treats, stories about Jesus and celebration feasts. Our Easter was almost sugar free too!

It is important to us that Easter is a great time, that it something our children look forward to (as opposed to feeling like he misses out) so we have been beginning to think about some traditions. This year our traditions included:


  • In the lead up to Easter we prepared by doing our Resurrection Eggs. My son loved this. He knew morning time was about the story and opening the eggs and got very excited about it
  • We used the egg symbolism by making our own very pretty died hard boiled eggs:



  • We had homemade healthier treats:


This treat is like a rice crackle birds nest (made with puffed brown rice and binned together with melted coconut oil, peanut butter, rice malt syrup and cocoa)

  • My sister made this homemade chocolate recipe.
  • She also made sourdough hot cross buns
  • photo
  • Instead of giving chocolate, we gave gifts of books and eggs with chickens for the kids:


  • We celebrated with a big feast with family on Easter Sunday after going to church!

Next year we hope to start a tradition of a kid accessible Passover meal with friends and family and think more about how creating more fun, and rich ways of celebrating Easter. We would love your ideas.