Vege Pancakes

Today I made Vege Pancakes as a snack for my son after bulk buying organic zucchini. They are similar to a previous post of zucchini pancakes but with many more veges!.


I make from scratch all my son’s snacks because I like to control what goes in them. I particularly focus on using whole grains (and a variety of whole grains), incorporating vegetables, having no sugar and cooking with healthy fats, none which I can find consistently in commercially produced food (certainly not all of these in one snack).


Although I do not have an exact recipe, they are pretty easy to make:

Today I used wholemeal spelt flour, egg and milk to make a thin batter. (I just put an amount of flour and one egg in a bowl and then added milk until I got a good consistency. I made this the night before to allow the batter to soak). In the morning I then added one grated zucchini,  one grated carrot, and some frozen peas and corn.

I then fried little spoonfuls of the mixture in a little coconut oil on a pan until browned on both sides.