A Week of Dinners #2

Here is what we had this week for dinner within our $70 budget!


And I spent a total of: about $58 (the other $12 will be put away to go towards my bulk meat buy)


MondayPaprika Chicken served with Polenta (with potato, onion, garlic, pumpkin, eggplant, mushroom, silverbeet, carrot, tomato and parsley)- This meal had leftovers for lunches

Tuesday: Cottage Pie (using left over bolognese from the week before but adding some peas and carrots and potato)- This meal had leftovers for lunches

Wednesday: Beef Stew with brown rice (using oyster blade steak, onion, carrot, musroom, tomato, eggplant and homemade vege stock)- This meal had leftovers for lunches

Thursday: Vegetable Dahl with Roast Potatoes – This meal had leftovers for lunches

Friday: Make your own pizza (we had guests over and our guests brought many of these ingredients with us providing some pizza bases, rocket and drinks)

Saturday: Roast Chook with salad and potatoes (this was meal for four plus our toddler and included some left overs)

Sunday: An assortment of leftovers!

*I also had to fit in my budget providing morning tea for about 30 at Mainly Music, including pumpkin scones, lemon slice and fruit.

*Like last time- most of my meat is higher welfare and pre-bought in bulk (but I do buy some good free range specials throughout the week ( For eg- I bought some free range chicken this week which I froze in a couple of portions), lunches usually consist of left overs, pitta bread pizzas, a platter of fresh produce or soup and snacks are usually fruit, yogurt or homemade goodies. 
*I used some of the money that I did not need to spend on dinner ingredients this week to stock up on some pantry staples which in turn helps next weeks budget!