Steps and Swaps Towards Wholefood living

I thought I would post a few things I started doing at the beginning of my wholefood adventure as I started to look at the way we lived and embraced a more wholefood way of life. My strategy was to take things one step at a time, conquering one change before thinking about the next thing. As such, wholefood living has been more like a journey which continues to evolve for me (I still have much further I could go).


(Again, I do not provide the list below as dietary advice, rather what we have done to begin a wholefood adventure- that is, eating food closer to its natural state, and avoiding commercially processed foods)

  1. Re-assess your breakfast cereal (Ditch processed cereals for oats or eggs)
  2. Swap margarine for butter
  3. Make and cook with your own stock
  4. Up your vege consumption (We eat veges for lunch, dinner and snacks in various forms-mashed, steamed roasted, stir fried, grated in sauces and meals)
  5. Swap canned goods for fresh, homemade or dried (eg-beans, legumes ect) produce
  6. Ditch pre-made (such sauces in jars for dinner) for homemade (There are loads of recipes online and many are very simple)
  7. Make your own treats (This way you can control the ingredients including incorporating good fats, using whole grains and sugar alternatives etc)
  8. Buy quality grass fed meat and free range chicken (its better for you and you can subsidize the cost by buying in bulk and making more of your own things)
  9. Make your own yogurt
  10. Expand your grain choice and prepare them properly (We do not rely on wheat, eating grains like Spelt, Millet, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Barley, Polenta etc). See here
  11. Embrace your own spice and herbs (Experiment with your own spice mix, add fresh herbs to cooking to lift meals and create flavor without resorting to pre-made products)
  12. Buy organic where you can or grow your own (Embracing gardening has helped with the food bill and your food becomes local! I have also been finding organic bargains which has helped subsidize my bill)
  13. Upgrade your bread choice (Read the labels and opt for bread using whole ingredients ( whole flour, salt, water), or better yet consider sourdough or make your own)
  14. Make your own pasta sauce (that can be used for much more! Avoid pre-made stuff or upgrade to a product using whole ingredients!)
  15. Think about cooking oil (consider alternatives to heavily processed vegetable oil such as coconut oil, using chicken fat, butter as examples. Olive oil is great for salad dressings)
  16. Make your own Salad Dressings
  17. Make your own party food (such as dips)
  18. Consider sugar alternatives (there are lots of alternatives to heavily refined sugar. We use rice malt syrup lots!)
  19. Ferment (something I am still learning…but here are a few recipes to get you started)