Family Dinners for $70- #3

This week I spent $59.40 and here is what we had! Because we did not eat one meal at home, I was able to stock up a little on some pantry items too.

Monday: Kangaroo Vegetable Chilli Con Carne served with rice and quinoa (This meal had left overs for lunches)

Tuesday: Satay Chicken wing-ettes with stir fry veges (This meal had one portion of left overs for my husbands lunch) (And I was able to make ice-cream out of the left overs)

Wednesday: Vegetable Quiche (silverbeet, pumpkin, mushroom, onion, parsley). This meal had lots of leftovers for a few meals

Thursday: Chicken Curry: My husband made this one and there were lots of left overs too!

Friday: We were invited to my  mother’s for dinner!

Saturday: Leftovers!

Sunday: Potluck dinner at church ( We brought a slow cooked beef stew)