Grow This!



That’s right it is Silverbeet! I know you probably do not want to grow this vegetable because of horror childhood memories of your mother steaming it on your plate and expecting you to eat it… but I have managed to get over that. Here are some good reasons to grow Silverbeet:

-Growing vegetables is a great thing to do (it means cheep organic food, low food miles, using your land well, teaching kids about food, having a convenient source of food at your doorstep)

-Silverbeet is cheap to grow- I bought a punnet about 6 months ago for the price of a bunch at a green grocer and it has been supplying me ever since (almost daily).

-Silverbeet is very easy to grow- My silverbeet has thrived on my neglect. It seems to have survived pests where as other produce suffered a bit more and also it does not appear to be fussy by me putting it in bad soil. So it is a good one to try even if you do not rate yourself as a gardener

-Silverbeet is much more versatile then steaming it on to put on a plate- I put it in everything (I chop it finely in soups, casseroles, salads, curries, and any other dish I can think of) (You can also use it in place of spinach in things such as spinach and ricotta cannelloni)

-It is good for you! Very nutritious indeed.


So do it!