Turning Dinner into Ice Cream

Coconut, Peanut and Banana Ice Cream


Last night for dinner, I made a sugar free Satay Chicken using this recipe. The satay sauce consisted of 100% peanut butter, coconut milk, ginger and lime. It was very yummy (although not as sweet as what you might be accustomed to from a Thai restaurant).


I had left over sauce and figured all the ingredients in the sauce were ones that could be used in desserts, so I though I would try making a sweet treat for my husband. I thought the end result was yummy (although my husband wanted sweeter.)


All I did was blend a couple of handfuls of pre-prepared frozen banana with my left over satay sauce in a food processor until smooth. And it made instant ice-cream! See this blog post


And it saved some satay sauce going to waste!