Kids Travel Games

I have been spending a bit of time recently making plans for a trip overseas. As part of my trip, I have been preparing for entertaining a toddler on a plane for a very long time. I also needed my entertainment to be cheap because I did not want to stress about losing them!

These are a few magnetic games I have made. I wanted to make my puzzles magnetic to contain the game on a small airplane tray.

Some materials I used –

  • a small flat metal tray found at a $2 shop
  • a printer and paper (and laminator)
  • sticky magnetic strips
  • super glue
  • cheap advertising magnets you get in the mail
  • stickers (see below for making your own picture and put together the people)
  • cheap puzzles (see below for elephant puzzle and build your own bear)
  • imagination

Magnetic Puzzle



 Magnetic Dress Ups



Magnetic Build your own Bear


Make your own Magnetic Picture

IMG_3480[1] IMG_3482[1]Put Together the People!

IMG_3481[1]Mix and Match

IMG_3479[1]Fruit Puzzles