Pizza Sauce

Today I am making pizza for dinner. I typically make it all from scratch, starting the dough in the morning in the morning and making pizza sauce in the afternoon. It is really not that hard to make pizza from scratch although it does need some organisation. But I think the end result is much more tasty, much more nutritious and much more frugal (both because it costs much less to make from raw ingredients but also because you are eating something much more filling!).

Although you can use tomato paste as a pizza sauce, the concentrated nature of this means is much higher in sugar (something which we try and keep more to a minimum in our house). Tomatoes were on special this week ($2 a kilo) so I thought I would make my own sauce! (in the easiest way possible)

I warn you that my way of making a pizza sauce would probably make an Italian nonna faint!


-about half an onion, diced

-about a kilo of tomatoes (the riper the better), blitzed whole in a food processor until pulverized

-half a cup of water

-herbs to your taste (I use dried basil and oregano from the garden)

Simply, fry off the onion until soft in a saucepan, add the tomatoes and water and let simmer slowly until nicely reduced. You can then blitz the mixture again with a stick blender to make a smooth sauce or leave it as is. Then add herbs/salt to your taste!


Freeze any left overs for future pizza!