Did you know you can recycle soft plastics very easily in Melbourne? Things like supermarket bags, bread bags, and packaging! And its really very easy.

Check out this initiative by Redcycle where you can drop off plastics at most local supermarkets.

This is my bag that I hang that I simply hang on our laundry door and fill with soft plastics during the week ready to drop off at our local supermarket.


Although sadly we still rely on some items wrapped in plastic in our house (probably more then what I would like), what is even better than recycling is not using as much plastics in the first place (it’s often cheaper too!).  Really recycling should be a good back up plan for using these short term items (like packaging), rather than our first option.

Some ideas for using less soft plastics are:

-Take re-usable shopping bags when shopping. Keep them in the car or near the door ready to use

-Put your fruit and vegetables straight into your basket and trolley

-Buy less processed food and more wholefood (It really is much cheaper too!) such as fruit, vegetables, and bulk grains

-Look for items packaged in paper or glass

-Use newspaper to line bins and compost

-Use cloth nappies and cloth wipes

-Opti to increase the amount of re-usables you buy- eg dish cloths, sanitary products

-Simply examine- do I really need this? Can I use something I already have instead ? Can I borrow it?


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