More Tree Learning


We have been a very busy household recently, mostly just chugging on with all that life brings. As every mum knows, there are constant pressures with having little ones and everyday we fall short of how we would like to parent in so many areas (consistency, calmness, prioritizing time, food- just to name a few). But we keep going on and one of the real joys for us as a family has been our little scripture tree. We try hang a picture on our tree every morning. We are loving seeing our boy learn stories and bible verses with excitement and joy.tree


We recently used our tree to learn Matthew 6: 20-21. Our three year old was able to memorize this verse using  pictures hung on our tree to represent the major words of the verse (although he doesn’t understand it all yet- we will save that for another day). Not only that, our little daily routine of learning a word, helps us memories more verses too.


You can get a pretty picture of the verse to print out here.


And you can use my pictures for matthew 6Simply print out, laminate (or not) and attach a string. You can use a tree like ours, sticks in a vase, or you can simply peg them to a string or pin them to a board each day (use what you have at home to display them)