Advent 2017

Advent is one of my favorite times of year and my children delight in looking what surprises lurk in their advent calendar day by day. This year for Advent we will be filling our calendar with cards and homemade ornaments to match the stories of the  Jesus Story Book Bible. You see our ornaments and links to the reading plan here (because it’s what we did last year!)

But this year, I will also be adding a new ornament to get us thinking and learning about the names of Jesus. With very little kids in the house we are just going to talk about each name, but as they get older we will add some bible verses that go with them.

Paper craft is not my strong suit, but I was able to manage these ornaments below. I simply used some wooden circles (hole pre-drilled) purchased off ebay, some colored paper we had lying around, some borrowed paper punches, some mod podge and some printed names of Jesus (in different fonts) on brown paper.


2016-11-23-18-27-48 2016-11-23-18-27-10

2016-11-23-18-25-16 2016-11-23-18-24-43 2016-11-23-18-23-55