About me

Burt Wedding

My name is Nadia Burt. I am a Christian living in Melbourne. I am a wife and mum of one. I fill my time doing lots of mummy things like MOPS and Mainly Music which I love. I also enjoy sewing and cooking. I was previously a social worker before becoming a mother but have recently started a small amount of volunteer work at The Babes Project. This is a fantastic organisation working with women experiencing crisis pregnancy.

Recently I have become interested in living frugally and sustainably. Through my ventures I am enjoying an abundance of wholefood. I am by no means perfect but slowly trying to make improvements in our lives through little step by step changes. I am always looking for new tips and ideas from those around me.

I started this blog after many people asked me how we manage on a small budget, so I thought I would share some of my ideas and recipes that I have learn along the way.  For me the focus is eating healthily and naturally, wasting less and being frugal.